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6. November '16 09:00 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Sevilla facing Barcelona

The biggest match in Spain tonight, will be the latest one as well when Sevilla are hosting the champions from FC Barcelona. Sevilla have been in great form this season, and are at the moment among the top teams in Spain, so this match wont be a walkover for Barca, by any means. FC Barcelona is not used to loosing, but they did so against Man City in the midweek, something they will have to make up for today.La Liga

FC Barcelona are looking like the favorite for the fixture today against Sevilla, despite Sevilla playing at home. But if there is a team able to beat Barca, or cause the trouble at the moment, it is Sevilla.

Both sides had to play midweek games, but where Sevilla won comfortably 4-0, Barcelona suffered a rare defeat to Man City, maybe Sevilla can take some inspiration from the way Man City played? With a win for Sevilla today, they will go past Barca in the table.