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6. November '16 08:30 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Leganes facing Real Madrid

Real Madrid are one of the best sides in the world at the moment, so when they ended up drawing 3-3 to Legia in the Champions League it was a result which have caused some disturbance in the media. It seems that the injuries to both Pepe and Ramos might be a little to much for the Madrid defense to handle, so the match today against Leganes could get interesting?La Liga

But it does seem very unlikely that Leganes can do anything today. Real Madrid are playing at home, and not very often do they slip up in front of the home fans.

They have a point to make ,and I Believe that the French manager Zidane is instructing his team to continue to push for goals today, simply to prove a point, and to send a message for FC Barcelona and Atl Madrid.